The scale and speed of Baia Mare urban growth requires the development of an innovative system, capable to regenerate and support a new “platform” for the Revolution Square. We call it Cognitive Infrastructure.
The issue is the development of a fundamentally different approach to the project focused on the design translation of an idea that comes from the image of atomic lattice of gold -as Baia Mare is symbolically charged relating gold mining activity- that makes this project very site-specific. We also want to promote a public space that works as an infrastructure, a system of intelligence, memory and cognition.

Date: 2012.
Location: Baia Mare, Romania.
Project Type: Competition – 3st prize.
Client: Municipality of Baia Mare.
Project: Arquitectos Anónimos, Inês Gonçalves, Cristina Munteanu.
Design Team: Arquitectos Anónimos®, Hugo Almeida, Inês Gonçalves, Maria Busolini.
Images: TINWILL.
Engineering Consultant: SprenPlan Lda.