The project aims the rehabilitation of the Matosinhos Market, a building space, characterized by a strongly modernist architecture and a strong light, very white. This is the main “excuse” for the design of a transparent surface, a gradient of colors, a vibrant skin around the preexisting constructive elements – a kind of new contour. The natural light justifies the presence of color and the design of the glass planes deeply rooted in space, but that will gradually come to life and transforms itself as a crystal embedded in the pre-existence.The project seeks a consistent relationship with the space and structure that precedes us, emphasizing the strength and relevance of the new intervention, without destroying the identity of the market. Accepting its presence as a theme for the project, with the accidents and the inevitable contingencies of everyday use. As well as accepting its functionality as traditional market, and developing a new programmatic layout, mixing the market’s commercial retail with new spaces for creative industries related to design and ESAD design school. To serve this needs our architecture must not only communicate, but tell a story. Therefore, to characterize the materiality of this building requires a great willingness for dialogue between the proposed glass color and white tiled walls of the market. This is the substance of the conceptual project, a membrane that penetrates the existing market and articulates with the original materials through transparencies and colors – inspired by the proximity to maritime court. The glass surfaces gradually acquire opacity in areas that correspond to greater intimacy, particularly in the lounge area and with respect to the QUADRA space. This substructure aims to generate fluid Privacy dynamics, not completely enclosing the spaces, but integrating the experience and the everyday sounds of the market in the routine of future inhabitants. The spaces in question are places to incubation of creative work, so there are no physical limits that impose distinct barriers relating to the market life. We proposed only two types of flooring:

  • The same kind of pavement of the perimeter of the existing building; the overall circulation spaces;
  • A white floor, which will coat the inside of the new QUADRA areas, enhancing the diffusion of light and thus enhancing the visual efficiency of crystalline surfaces and color.

Date: 2011-2012.
Location: Matosinhos, Portugal.
Project Type: Centre for Innovation and Creativity – “Quadra”.
Building Type: Interior design (renewal of Matosinhos Market)
Project Area: 1175 m2.
Promoter: Municipality of Matosinhos with ESAD (School of Arts and Design Matosinhos).
Partnership: ESAD.
Architecture and Project: Arquitectos Anónimos ® + Maria Milano.
Design Team: António Choupina, Francisca Ribas, Inês Gonçalves,
Senne Meesters, Vasco Santos, Vítor Rocha.
Engineering Consultant: Spren Plan Lda, VAproj Lda.
Images and Renders: Arquitectos Anónimos ® + Senne Meesters.
Models: Vítor Rocha.