Penedono Castle is a study based on crystallography, in particular granite micro crystals. The main objective is to develop a museum inside the ruins of a “rocal” castle (rocal is a portuguese word for rocky), meaning that it is entirely built over a rock formation, in this case granite from Penedono (+40° 59′ 23.83″, -7° 23′ 38.16″). The design idea starts with microscopic observations of a granite sample, in search of a patterning geometry. From the observation, using an optical microscope (High Magnification Measuring Microscope, model Titan TM-10) we got interested in tinatite crystal patterns, performing diamond shapes. The sequence of images collected were interpreted as pure geometry, 2-dimensional graphics that could inform the investigation of an architectural/design entity.

Date: 2010.
Location: Penedono, Viseu, Portugal.
Project Type: Conceptual.
Project Area: 79 m2.
Promoter: Municipality of Penedono.
Concept: Arquitectos Anónimos® + Paulo Celso Monteiro.
Design Team: Diogo Teixeira, Hugo Reis, Luís Fernandes, Rita Lopes.
Archaeology: Pedro Sobral.
Geology: Narciso Ferreira – ineti
Renders: Diogo Teixeira.