The project begins with a proposal for a modular home, made by a company with history, image and presence in the timber frame building’s market. The proposal focuses on the rethink of the typologies’ construction catalogues, moving away from their suburban image (apartment T1, T2, T3, T4) and proposing other architectural prototypes capable of producing creative “urban” aggregates. Believing in a constructive premise, not only in aspects that govern the building but also the space conception (pure geometric association), we found that large structures (e.g. a village) may grow by associating small buildings (minimum unit – refuge houses) based on very intelligible rules as the parallel found in the chromosomes, or simple DNA elements that contain genes (regulators) and are also capable of transmitting the rules and produce complex organisms.
We imagine a dynamic catalog presentation: the buyer may combines these two elements XX – XY and test a wide range of possibilities totally controlled by the association rules and fittings without losing the rigor and the design of these two modules.

Date: 2011
Location: anywhere
Project Type: Light Modular Structures
Project Area: From14m2 to 90m2
Promoter: AtelierAA Lda
Concept: Arquitectos Anónimos®.
Project: Arquitectos Anónimos® + Antonio Minto
Design Team: Aleksandra Wisniowska, Antonio Minto, Monika Grobelna, Senne Meesters.
Images and Renders: Arquitectos Anónimos®.