The project is linked to the idea of recreating the process of biological growth using a generative algorithm based on formal grammars. Can this logic generate architecture? Can this logic be seen as a second “body” grown from an existing structure? Is it possible for this strategy to serve additional algorithmic functions such as the creation of an organizational logic, a closed/targeted space, or the development of a structural system? Homeobox is an adaptive/adaptable scenery that accepts unpredictability as a modus operandi. Based on a script growth, the project incorporates a set of constraints (conflict/relational attitude with the structure of the cube of Siza) as an alternative to pre-formatted design procedures.

Date: 2010.
Location: Porto, Portugal.
Project Type: Competition – 1st prize
Construction Type: Ephemeral Structure to the end of academic year
Built Area: 1000 polyethilene boxes
Promoter: Faculty of Architecture – Porto University and ‘Dédalo’ magazine
Concept: Arquitectos Anónimos®.
Project: Arquitectos Anónimos® + Hugo Reis
Design team: António Ribeiro, Diogo Teixeira, Hugo Reis, Luís Fernandes,
Margarida Barbosa, Miguel Pereira, Rita Lopes, Tatiana Trindade
Construction Team: Antonio Minto, António Ribeiro, Bernadette Luger,
Diogo Teixeira, Hugo Reis, João Nuno Carreira, Luís Fernandes, Miguel Tavares, Monica Maraspin,
Nicolau Ribas, Pedro Dias, Ricardo Sousa, Rita Lopes.
Models: António Ribeiro + Hugo Reis.
Renders: Arquitectos Anónimos®.
Photography: ©Alberto Plácido.
Video Production: Tiago Jesus