An unusual and inverted process. The client convinced us to accept the responsability to build with such a low cost. The shaped carcass, stoutly wrapped with cork bricks, deals a few radical ruptures, claiming a friendly distance to the neighborhood. Inside, the expectable “ready to inhabit” combines a straight preview to the changeable future and conditions, as direct as possible – translated in interior design. Some found nicknams: “the pavilion”, “the shed”, “the hut”, “the cork”…

Date: 2005-2007.
Location: Esposende, Portugal.
Building Type: Holidays residence – direct commission.
Building Area: 288m2.
Client: Maria Helena Ramos + Hernâni Lopes.
Partnership: Amorim Isolamentos S.A., Caixigomes Lda,
Viroc Portugal.
Project: Arquitectos Anónimos®.
Previous Team: Arquitectos Anónimos® + Paulo Teodósio.
Design Team: Arquitectos Anónimos®, Carina Milheiro
and Paulo Teodósio.
Engineering Consultant: Luís Fernandes,
Luís Picotês Gonçalves,
Ricardo Fonseca.
Construction: Irmãos Ramalho Lda.
Photography: © Ivo Canelas.