Arraiolo’s Castle area is nowadays a peripheral site closed to Arraiolos urban centre. We are not interessed in force it to become again the “center” of the town. We prefer it to become an interesting “peripheral” site, a unique spot, a visible object from the outside.
A white concrete pavement drives instinctively from the city centre to the castle compactness. Behind scene, the inflatable structure, a white “cloud” reveals its lightness and its strong connection to the functional program: the new Auditorium inside a medieval castle.

Date: 2008.
Location: Arraiolos, Portugal.
Project Type: Competition – Mention of the Jury.
Project Area: Inflatable Structures – 1200m2,
Urban Design and Development – 9,3 ha.
Promoter: Municipality of Arraiolos.
Concept: Arquitectos Anónimos®.
Design Team: Arquitectos Anónimos®,
Hugo Reis, João Castelo Branco, Miguel Pereira.
Archaeology: Arqueohoje Lda + Pedro Sobral Carvalho
Museology: Paulo Celso Monteiro
Photography: © Ivo Canelas.