The biological-genetic codeness that drives differentiation in African Anophelines Larvae body is used to adapt and create a morphogenetic protocol to the implementation of a modular house. In the Larval development, the genome determines the pattern, and the puzzle of developmental biology is used as a metaphor to deploy a growth system applied to housing structures.

Date: 2010.
Location: Luanda Outskirts, Angola.
Project Type: Competition – “House in Luanda”
Project Area: From 20m2 to 200m2 structure
Promoter: Lisbon Triennial of Architecture 2010.
Concept: Arquitectos Anónimos®.
Project: Arquitectos Anónimos® + Diogo Teixeira
Design Team: Arquitectos Anónimos®, Diogo Teixeira,
Hugo Reis, Luís Fernandes, Monica Maraspin, Rita Lopes.
Renders: Diogo Teixeira.